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Taxes are an annoyance when you have money to pay them. When you don’t have money, they become far more than that, which is why we put this tax relief website together for you.

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The tax code is immense and utterly confusing. Then there are 50,000 pages or so of regulations set up to interpret the code. Combined, there is no possible way you can understand everything. To be blunt, there is no way anyone can, which is why there is an entire class of courts set up to just hear tax disputes between the IRS, state tax agencies, individuals and businesses.

A bit of knowledge goes a very long way when it comes to tax law. With this in mind, we’ve put together a category of tax topics you can read down the right hand column of the site. Our goal is to provide you with general information on tax topics of interest to you. The information is completely free and should help you develop an understanding of what is involved in your situation, how the tax agency views it and what you can do.

IRS Tax Relief

The IRS is a huge government agency. Its 2013 budget is over $12.5 billion and it employees 80,000 plus people. This will go up an additional 16,000 people or so when Obamacare comes into existence in 2014.

Given this size, it can take the IRS a bit of time to get rolling when it comes to tracking down tax delinquencies. Once it does, however, getting the agency to stop by yourself is the equivalent of an ant trying to stop a tank. Ants are mighty strong, but not that strong.

If you need IRS tax relief, you need professional help. IRS agents are trained to mine you for information to identify tax penalties and assets they can access to satisfy your tax bill. Anything you say to them can be used as evidence against you. Put another way, you are going to pay out the rear end if you try to resolve an IRS dispute on your own. Don’t. Get professional help.

Stressed Over Taxes DueState Tax Relief

If you think the IRS is bad, you should see state tax agencies. The IRS is restrained by the possibility of bad press. This is not the case with state tax agencies. The joke in California, for instance, is the Franchise Tax Board makes the IRS look like Mother Theresa in comparison. They are that bad.

If you are seeking state tax relief, the good news is you can usually get it. State’s like to strike fear into taxpayers by bullying them. Well, you have rights. The minute a tax professional gets involved, the state realizes the game is up and a nominal settlement can be worked out.

Tax Relief

IRS and state tax relief comes down to knowing how to play the game to get the result you need. If you play the game on your own, you are going to get crushed. Get help and get your tax bill reduced.